Welcome to the home page of twinning project                     “Improving the skills of forensic experts”

The project website is designed to offer participants, and other visitors, detailed knowledge about the project objectives and the project organisation.

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Besides a description of the project goals is also described how these goals can be realized. Project goals will be achieved through the carrying out of four components described in the project contract (Fiche).

Each component contains a specific theme and matching objectives that should be realized. These component objectives are realized with help of specific activities in Turkey and study visits to Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal. All realized objectives from the components are contributing to the realisation of the project objectives itself.

Used abbreviations

  • MS:  Member State country (member of the European Union)
  • BC:  Beneficiary country (i.e. coming member state of the European Union)
  • PL:   Project leader
  • RTA: Residence Twinning Adviser

Bu Proje Avrupa Birliği ve Türkiye tarafından Finanse edılmektedir.
The Project is co-financed by The European Union and the Republic of Turkey.